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Products and Services
* Battery-Powered Generator (BPG-ECO)
Released in January, 2017 and after six months of commercial viability operations, the reports on the  perfomance of the BPG-ECO were way beyond expections. Hence, the company has started low-volume production due to 40% hand-manufacturing.

For pricing and placing an order, click here for details.

* byPhone
The byPhone software was released in March, 2014, though still being internally used. The GSS Team is presently recoding and repackaging the byPhone software (75% done) into a software that will truly transform the Postal Service into an absolute digital service still retaining the privacy and security not found on the Net.

Click byPhone to download a copy of the software. It is free for personal and commercial uses.

* Business-Processes Performance Enhancement Services
The company offers business performance enhancement services, derived from over 20 years of Research and Development skills of its Technology Services Director, to individuals and companies. These services are to help project owners operate at optimized costs without comproming quality. The services are moderately priced.

For more information, use our Contact on the "Company Brief" page.

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