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Africa, surely, do have her challenges, but they are solvable. The solutions require a brand new set of minds, thoughts and actions. The solutions become a totality only when such solutions are by Africans and more than 70% of their contents are African. Such are the solutions being offered by GSS. You are welcome.
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Combine the FEATURES of what you see in these two videos and expect to receive the Volkswagen's Hover Car on your doorstep soon:
The BPG-ECO generator set now has four users; two users of the 2.2KVA located in Sagamu township and two users of the 2.2KVA located in Magboro township; both townships are in Ogun State, south-west Nigeria. The BPG-ECO Team is very grateful to these pioneering users. Click here for more details on the BPG-ECO Set.