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This is The FUTURE.

Toyota, with this innovation, is demonstrating the reality of an ECO World. Think of all the cars in the world today!!! This is way beyond empty talks. Way to go TOYOTA. Welcome to the Real World of the future.
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Convert your UPS and Inverter Machines to BPG-ECO Generator

Imagine running your 2 KVA generator from your room; powering your premises with battery generated electricity.
Only BPG-ECO generator, the mobile ECO-compliant generator that can go around with the user, can give you such power.

Battery-Powered Generator: BPG-ECO - The Commercial Model
BPG finally matching up to the ECO power commercial landscape with production of the BPG-ECO 2200VA.

Food For Ailments
Ailments are signs that certain nutrients are missing in the body. Try food for recovery before running to drugs.
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